3D Printing

image showing 3d printers in the rapid prototyping centre
Rapid Prototyping Centre Offers 3D printing for current students, faculty and staff at the University of Waterloo

3D Print Technology

Get to know the technology you have available to you here at the Rapid Prototyping Centre.

Materials and Cost

We offer a variety of thermoplastics to print with, each one with it's unique properties and uses to ensure your print is exactly what you want.

Prusa FDM Printing Information

This page will walk you through the process of fine tuning and preparing your print using the Prusa slicer to ensure your design lives up to your expectations and prints smoothly.

Elegoo Resin Printing Information

This page will provide details about our resin printing services, including how to prepare you file and what information we will need to create your printed part.

These printers can rapidly produce parts in a variety of materials, bringing ideas to reality.