Elegoo Resin Printing Information

SLA (resin) printing is available on request using our Elegoo Saturn and Jupiter printers. Please note that resin printed parts are not as strong as FDM parts and use in structural applications should be avoided.

In order to ensure printing is successful, we ask that models conform to the following requirements:

  • Maximum size 150 x 120 x 150 mm (length x width x height)
  • Avoid models with large flat surfaces
  • Standard layer thickness is 0.05mm

To request a resin print please bring the following information to the Rapid Prototyping Centre:

  • Resin type - colour and material, please see our Materials page
  • Separate .stl files for each part, don't combine multiple parts into a single file
  • If you want to send the files electronically you can attach them to an email to engsdc3d@gmail.com   

We will not print any files that are emailed unless you come to the RPC and speak to our staff.