Materials For Cutting/Engraving


HDF (fiberboard)

  • Cuts and engraves images and lines well, commonly 1/8" thickness, sides of cut go black or dark brown (doesn't affect top or bottom face though)


  • Cuts a sharp edge, engraves lines well and images fairly well, commonly 1/8"-1/4"


  • Cuts fairly well, engraves images and lines very nicely, commonly 1/8"-1/4", sometimes slightly burns and causes discoloration around edges



  • Despite appearance is not the same as acrylic and produces toxic chlorine gas when cut

Chlorine Containing Compounds

  • Similar to lexan, it will produce toxic chlorine gases


  • Reflect too much of the light used in our CO2 laser to cut effectively or be safe for use
  • Metals with certain coatings may still be engraved

Have another material you want to cut?

Ask us if your material can be cut/engraved and we will do our best to help you out