Q&A with Dr. Alicia Batten: RS job options and tips for success

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Welcome back to our Q&A series with Religious Studies instructors, alumni, and students. Get to know our people, research, and courses!

If you missed it, check out part 1 of our Q&A with Dr. Batten to learn about the relevance of studying religion and part 2 to learn about our undergraduate program. This week, we will answer questions about job opportunities with a degree in Religious Studies and tips for success.

Student study group.What tips do you have for students who are struggling in class?

Talk to your instructors if you are struggling (most instructors have also struggled at some point with their studies). Take advantage of the supports that the University of Waterloo provides. Talk to other students in class, and possibly form a study group.

How can students get their work published?

First, speak to your professors as it is likely that they will have some advice about revising something original such that it is publishable, as well advice about which journal would be most appropriate for submitting one’s work.

Alicia Batten.

What kinds of jobs can you get with an RS degree?

You can go in different directions with an RS degree (teaching, writing, Human Services, law, business, community and non-governmental organizations, advocacy groups, research, politics etc …). An RS degree will help you develop research, writing, and thinking skills that many employers require. In addition, however, it sensitizes students to the significance of religion for many people and groups throughout the world. One need not be religious, but it is important to be aware that many people are, and, contrary to earlier predictions, religion is not in decline, it is just changing. The world needs people who think about religion analytically.

That's all for our Q&A! We hope you enjoyed it, thank you for joining us.

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