Residence Move-out Confirmation Form for Fall 2023

All students residing in Renison Residence need to please complete the Residence Move-out Confirmation Form to report the date of their residence move-out for the Fall term. 

As per your Renison Residence Contract & Community Standards, all students must vacate residence within 24 hours of their final exam of the term. 

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, November 22: Deadline to complete this form to report your move-out information.
  • Tuesday, December 5: The last day of classes for UWaterloo undergraduate students and English For Academic Success (EFAS) students. 
  • Wednesday, December 6: Final exam day for EFAS students. 
  • Wednesday, December 6 & Thursday, December 7: Pre-examination study days for UWaterloo undergraduate students.
  • Friday, December 8: End-of-term Celebration for EFAS students. 
  • Saturday, December 9: Typical move-out day for EFAS students. 
  • Friday, December 8 to Friday, December 22: Exam period for UWaterloo undergraduate students.
  • Friday, December 22 at breakfast: The last meal provided by Renison Food Services before the close of our break. The Renison building will be closed by 12:00pm on this day.
  • Saturday, December 23: Final exam emergency day for UWaterloo undergraduate students. This date is reserved to hold final examinations in the event the University is closed during the fall 2023 Final Examination Period: Examinations will be rescheduled on the next available day, including Sunday, on which examinations have not been scheduled.
  • Sunday, January 7 after 12:00pm: The date when you will be able to return to Residence if you are living in Renison Residence for the Winter 2024 term. The building will be closed to all staff, Faculty, and students from December 22 to January 7. The first meal served will be dinner on this day. 

Next Steps

  • If you're a UWaterloo degree student, visit the Final Examination Schedule to review the schedule of when all of your exams are happening. 
  • Make a plan for when your last exam will be happening. 
  • Report on our web form below the date you will be vacating Renison Residence (it should be within 24 hours of your last exam or 24 hours of your last day of classes). 

Important Notes

  • If you are living in Renison Residence for the Winter 2024 term, you will NOT need to move your belongings out of your Residence room completely. You should only take what you will need to live between December 22 to January 7.
  • The Renison building will be completely closed to all staff, Faculty, and students from December 22 to January 7. You will absolutely have NO ACCESS to the building during this period, so make sure to take all belongings with you that you will need. 
  • Please complete the form with the most accurate information that you know as of today. If your plans change before the November 22 submission deadline, you can return to this form and complete it a second time. We will use your most recent submission as accurate information.
  • If you are not returning to Renison Residence for the winter term: please ensure you return your residence keys. From Monday to Friday, 9:00am-4:30pm, you can bring your residence keys to the Moose Tracks Connection Desk (Room 1402) and inform them you will be moving out.  During evenings and weekends, you may phone the Residence Duty Don at 519-498-3929 and they will take the keys from you. 

Deadline to Submit your Move-out Plans

All Renison Residence students must complete this form no later than Wednesday, November 22 at 12:00pm ET. 

Residence Floor
Do you have any final exams this term?
For UWaterloo undergraduate students, you can access your exam schedule at
Will you vacate residence 24 hours after this date?
Provide as much detail as possible when you wish to request to vacate Residence. Please note: this request will still need to be approved by the Housing Manager. You can expect to receive a confirmation in late November.
Are you living in Renison Residence for the Winter 2024 term?