Student Leadership Program Workshop Registration

Renison is pleased to offer Student Leadership Program workshops for registered University of Waterloo undergraduate and graduate students. The Student Leadership Program workshops are facilitated by staff in the Student Success Office.

What is the Student Leadership Program?

The Student Leadership Program (SLP) is a broad-based, experiential series of workshops available to current University of Waterloo students (undergraduate and graduate). The purpose of these workshops is to explore and enhance your leadership capabilities, and to help you gain knowledge and develop skills in leadership on campus and within the community.

There are 6 workshops offered within the Student Leadership Certificate Program (SLP), each taught by UWaterloo student facilitators that have completed the program. In addition to the workshops, you would also complete a student engagement experience as well as a written reflection.

Build your cross-campus network by getting to know and work with students from all six faculties. The program has been designed so that all students can participate regardless of whether they are currently in a leadership role.

  • Workshops are free to any current UWaterloo student (you must be registered in the term)
  • You can complete the 6 workshops in any order and at your own pace throughout your university career
  • By completing all 6 workshops, you are eligible to receive the leadership certificate
  • This program does not qualify for university credit

Time commitment

The workshops are only available to a maximum capacity of 25 students. If you wish to attend, you will need to: 

  • Be available for the entire 2-hour of the workshop
  • Ensure you attend promptly at the start of each workshop. Late participants will not receive credit for having completed the workshop. It is very important you are early or on time.
  • Register in advance by completing the registration form below (Registration is closed the day before the event at 1:00pm). 
  • Complete the self-assessment activities before the workshops. They will be emailed to you directly the day prior to the workshop.

Please check back later for information regarding the next workshop!

Do you have questions?

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Allison Marlowe, Student Experience Coordinator at

This is the user ID you will use to log into Quest, UWaterloo email, WatIAM, etc.
Registration Confirmation
By registering for the workshop, you are agreeing to attend promptly, attend the entire workshop, and participate actively. If you have to cancel your registration, please email within 48 hours of the workshop.