Stories of hope

In the 2019-2020 Report on Giving, we’re sharing
the vibrant humanity that can happen during difficult times.

Inside, you’ll find stories that begin with loss and uncertainty, and end with hope for our future.
We hope you enjoy this beautiful portrait of our community:
a tight-knit network of students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends.


Ayokunle Profile photo

Ayokunle Pearce

Hear from Ayokunle Pearce, an international student who found himself struggling to cover his expenses during the pandemic, and found relief through the Student Emergency Support Fund.

Anne-Marie Heinz Brune profile photo

Anne-Marie & Heinz Brune

Read about the Brunes, a couple who left a very personal and inspirational gift in their wills, which will support optometry research and patients.

Carey Bissonnette profile photo

Carey Bissonnette

Read about Carey Bissonnette, a beloved figure on our campus who lost his battle with cancer in 2019 – and discover how his legacy will be continued.


“Thanks to this financial support, I was able to focus more on the things
that are important to me during university ... It has allowed me to choose co-op jobs
that I am really interested in and that will advance my career"

Karyn Sun
Scholarship Recipient

Student in lab

"While the storm continues around us,
this community reminds me that better days are ahead.

Our researchers are working tirelessly to address the world’s many challenges in health care, the economy, society and technology. Our resilient students are overcoming great barriers, working toward meaningful careers and a fruitful future. And generous donors like you are providing the resources that make it all possible, bearing a light that guides us through the rain, wind and waves.

Thank you for your generosity."


Joanne Profile photo

Joanne Shoveller
Vice-President, Advancement


"I do hope that you are able to realize, even in the slightest, what this award means to me
both financially and emotionally. Your generosity will undoubtedly go a long way
in contributing to the funding of my education, but perhaps more importantly,
it serves as a reminder to me that hard work reaps great reward."

Daniel Rodriguez
Scholarship recipient

Giving by the Numbers

Overview of Giving

Donation icon$46MTotal Raised
Donors icon10,067*Donors
Globe icon39Countries
Leaf icon$8.2MIn Endowments
Add smiley face2,260First-time Donors
Refresh icon1,584Monthly Donors
New Endowments29New Endowments
Will icon51Bequest Gifts

Gift Category and Donor Breakdown

Books icon$16.7MPrograms
Microscope icon$11.8MResearch
Award icon$11.4MScholarships
Professor icon$5.0MChairs/Professorships
Buildings icon$1.1MBuildings
Industry icon$19.7MFoundations, Corporations and Organizations
Graduate icon$18.6MHonorary Alumni and Alumni
Parents and friends icon$4.6MParents and Friends
Female engineer icon$2.1MStudents
Staff ID icon$1.0MFaculty, Staff, and Retirees**
These figures represent dollars RAISED and include cash, pledges, gifts-in-kind and other revenue promised or given May 1, 2019, to April 30, 2020. Figures exclude payments on pledges made prior to the current year. All figures are unaudited. *Figure does not include the thousands of students each year who make voluntary contributions. ** Overall, the Keystone Campaign, Waterloo’s family campaign, raised in excess of $2.2 million. This figure comprises gifts from all sources, including the Board of Governors, faculty, staff and retirees, and alumni who work for Waterloo.

“As a graduate student, I feel incredibly privileged to have the freedom
to pursue the advancement of research in a field of study that I am truly passionate about.
Neither myself nor any other scholar could have undertaken these aspirations
if it weren’t for donors like yourselves who believed that the work we do here is important.”

Truzaar Dordi
Scholarship recipient

"The key to Waterloo lies in its people –
smart, resilient and always ready to tackle a challenge.

This powerful group includes you.
Thank you for seeing the positive effect that our community can have on the world.”



Feridun Hamdullahpur
President and Vice-Chancellor

Students on campus with masks

Thank you

Your generosity is felt across the Waterloo campuses,
and enhances our impact on the world.

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