Below you will find information on current projects Dr. Amelia Clarke is involved in. More information on each project can be found below by clicking the project titles to visit the project websites.

Municipal Net-Zero Action Resaerch Partnership

The Municipal Net-Zero Action Research Partnership (N-ZAP) aims to support Canadian municipalities in monitoring, measuring and achieving their GHG mitigation goals. This research project will study and create improved measurement, analysis and monitoring systems for both municipal and community-wide GHG emissions. This will help to advance the quantification of GHG emissions, enable the application of methods to identify mitigation opportunities, and evaluate their effectiveness. N-ZAP is a partnership between the University of Waterloo, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, ICLEI Canada, 11 other Canadian universities, nine other national organizations and 13 municipal governments.


Youth & Innovation

The Youth & Innovation Project works to ensure young people, 15 to 25 years old, are meaningfully engaged in finding and implementing solutions to social, environmental and economic problems, and are valued for the contributions they make. We provide business, civil society and government with the strategic and policy insight they need to support intergenerational collaboration.