Student Supervision

Prospective students

I am available to supervise undergraduate and graduate students in the following contexts:

  • Undergraduate students
    • Undergraduate research assistantships (URAs)
    • Co-op, including NSERC USRA
    • Independent study (or reading) courses
    • Fourth-year design projects
    • Undergraduate theses
  • Graduate students
    • Graduate research assistantships (GRAs)
    • Independent study (or reading) courses
    • Master's theses
    • PhD theses (co-supervision only)

Current students

Gregory LitsterGregory Litster

Greg is pursuing his MASc degree in the department of Management Sciences. He completed his undergraduate degree in Knowledge Integration with a joint Honours in Mathematics and a minor in Philosophy (2019). His research interests are focused on student design education, group dynamics, and reflection as a part of the design process.


Recent past students

Graduate students

Meagan FlusMeagan Flus

Meagan completed her MASc in Management Sciences at the University of Waterloo. Her thesis titled "An exploratory study of experiences of design at hackathons" can be found here: Meagan is now pursuing a PhD at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Prof. Alison Olechowski.


Jordan Nickel Jordan Nickel

Jordan completed his MASc degree in Management Sciences. You can find his thesis tiled "Trade-offs in Design: A Theory Building Qualitative Study on the Role of Problem Formulation and Framing in Resolving Trade-offs in Design" here: I co-supervised Jordan with Prof. Rob Duimering



Undergraduate students

Jerry Lu: Jerry is an undergraduate student in Mechatronics Engineering, who completed a co-op term in Spring 2021 funded through an NSERC USRA.  I co-supervised Jerry with Prof. Alison Olechowski.

Irene Ni: Irene is an undergraduate student in biomedical engineerig, who completed a co-op term in Spring 2021 funded through an NSERC USRA. Irene worked towards developing a tool that allows novice designers to report and characterize their design process.

Christine Duong: Christine is an undergraduate student in Psychology. During her winter 2021 co-op term, Christine supported a number of reserach projects.

Mohammed Gad: Mohammed is an undergraduate student in Biomedical Engineering. During his winter 2021 co-op term, Jessica supported a joint project with Prof. Alison Olechowski.

Jessica Liao: Jessica is an undergraduate student in Architectural Engineering. During her winter 2021 co-op term, Jessica supported a joint project with Prof. Alison Olechowski.

Aaron Dai: Aaron has been both an Undergraduate Research Assistant (Fall '20) and co-op student (Spring '20). He has supported a number of design research projects by conducting statistical analyses on survey and secondary data. Aaron is a Management Engineering student.