Upcoming Teaching Schedule

  • Fall 2017
    • No teaching
  • Winter 2018
    • MSCI 311 Section 001
    • MSCI 311 Section 002
    • MSCI 402
  • Spring 2018
    • MSCI 401


MSCI 311 - Organizational Design & Technology

This is an introductory course on the structuring and design of organizations. [Core course in Management Engineering, required or elective course in Management Sciences Option; Offered: Fall, Winter]

MSCI 401 - Management Engineering Design Project 1

This is the first course in the Management Engineering capstone design series of courses. In this course, students complete four important stages of design: (1) problem finding through a thorough needs analysis, (2) problem formulation through formalized design requirements and specifications, (3) conceptual design through divergent and creative thinking, and (4) preliminary design in the form of a prototype. Independent student work is supported by instructor and guest lectures on design and project management, and structured through frequent design review meetings that provide ample instructor and peer feedback to each student team.[Core course in Management Engineering; Offered: Spring]

MSCI 402 - Management Engineering Design Project 2

This is the second course in the Management Engineering capstone design series of courses. Student teams work independently on their detailed design and its verification, reporting their progress and receiving feedback from the instructor and their peers at regular biweekly design review meetings. They showcase their final designs at the final symposium, where they are evaluated by faculty members, peers, alumni, industry representatives, and the larger community.[Core course in Management Engineering; Offered: Winter]

MSCI 605 - Organizational Theory & Behaviour

This course covers a large range of concepts and theories that contribute to our understanding of organizations ´┐Ż from individuals´┐Ż personality, perception, and motivation to group processes and organizational structuring. It is delivered fully online using a flipped classroom model that promotes active student participation through both asynchronous discussion forums and live tutorial sessions. [Core course in Master of Management Sciences (MMSc) Online Program; Offered: Fall]


Ideas Clinic Teamwork Workshop Series