Master of Management Science (Management of Technology), MMSc Online

Program details

The Master of Management Sciences (MMSc) is a coursework degree, available full time and part time on campus as well as via part time online learning (MMSC Online).

Students who successfully complete either of the MMSc programs; meeting the Management Sciences degree requirements will be conferred the Master’s in Management Sciences graduate degree from the University of Waterloo, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Management Sciences. The final degree does not distinguish between full time, part time, online or on campus.

Begun in 1998, the MOT@Distance program was Canada's first successful online graduate program.

Since then, the MOT@Distance program has grown from 15 students to well over 100 students participating from across Canada, the United States and as far away as South America, Europe and Asia. It now includes not just Management of Technology, but Information Systems and Operations Research as well, leading to the more appropriate program title MMSC Online (Master of Management Sciences Online).

The Department of Management Sciences has endeavoured to maintain the same excellence in the online program offerings that is available to the on campus students.  In order to maintain flexibility within the program for our professional students the variety of the courses offered is not as expansive as that offered on campus focusing more on technology management skills and professional integration of Information technology and less on research than the on campus curriculum. In creating and growing the MMSC Online program the department has firmly adapted the same academic standards to our online learning environment that has become a Waterloo staple.

Gordon Vala-Webb MMSC Online graduate

"Every day I help my organization get even better at putting our people, their kn owledge and our technology together to deliver business value for our clients and our firm.
The skills and knowledge from my University of Waterloo Master in Management Sciences degree have been invaluable to me."
Gordon Vala-Webb National Director Knowledge Management, PWC Management Services LP, MMSC Online Graduate

Required courses

Course requirements in the MMSC ONLINE program include: 

MSCI 602 Principles of Management of Technology

MSCI 603 Principles of Operations Research

MSCI 605 Organizational Theory & Behaviour

MSCI 606 Foundations of Senior Management

MSCI 607 Economic Concepts for Management

MSCI 609 Quantitative Data Analysis for Management

Plus two (2) electives. For a full listing of Management Sciences courses visit the graduate calendar.

Program delivery

The entire MMSC Online program is completed online within a virtual classroom. Students and faculty participate in tutorials, lectures, discussion, group projects and course assignments.  While we invite you to stop by and visit the campus at any time, it is not necessary to travel to Waterloo.

Using the Waterloo LEARN system, we are able to host interactive tutorials, quality lectures, real time discussions and provide valuable feedback to individuals.

MMSC online le​arning

In the MMSC Online program you become part of an international network of graduate students made up of professionals in a wide variety of fields. Team leaders, consultants, managers, executives, and CEO's who continue with full time commitment to their employers. 
The online classroom enables students to work with each other on projects, case studies, business simulations and seminar discussions and presentations creating a vibrant online learning community that most students utilize directly to real world situations in their work place. Immediately establishing a valuable resource for any industry employer. 

Getting just the right balance, and maintaining it

We are saturated today with technology and its applications. Applying the necessary tools to integrate the materials needed in a high caliber graduate degree, without overwhelming bandwidth limitations and sensory perceptions, is a constantly evolving production. We are proud to have pulled together a solid online program led by leading academics in the Management Sciences. Utilizing todays technology to enable the creation of high quality and intensely interactive online learning. 
MMSC Online courses feature video and Power Point lectures, individual written assignments, group based assignments using case studies, projects, business simulation and seminars. Group assignments are individually graded, mean that marks are based on the individual contribution made by each participate. 


Lecture times and tutorials vary from instructor to instructor, that said,  as room bookings aren’t a concern, most instructors in the program will work very hard to arrange a time compatible to the majority of their class. 

We encourage all students to participate via the live lecture, however, time zones, careers and families are often not as flexible as we’d like.  Each lecture is, therefore, archived for later accessibility. Participating via the archived materials is possible but we do stress the value of live interaction.

Karen Dudinski Graduate MMSC Online program

"Waterloo's MMSCI[online] program allowed me to get a highly respected management masters degree while continuing my full time job and being a mother to a young family. I worked intensively online with my fellow professionals in organizations internationally and constantly applied what I learned to help my company perform better. I could never have done this in a classroom program."
Karen Dudinski National Technical Manager, Acklands-Grainger Inc., MMSc Online Graduate


Each course is completed with a final exam.

The MMSC Online exams are arranged through Waterloo's Center for Extended Learning, and invigilation services located worldwide. 


The University of Waterloo operates on a three term per year basis, with each term being four months in total (Winter: Jan-April, Spring: May-Aug & Fall: Sept.-Dec.). 

The MMSC Online program is a part time program, most students complete one course per term, at this pace, with eight courses to complete the entire program is usually completed within two and a half years. 

We try very hard to keep it flexible enough to also allow for inactive terms, doubling or even tripling (not recommended) up your course load.  

It's important to remember that these are graduate level courses, and each course requires on average 12-15 hours each week to dedicate to your studies.

In the end, the duration of the program is dependent on you and how you are able to proceed within the program guidelines, parallel priorities and other financial commitments. 


Tuition for the MMSC Online program is assessed on a per course per term basis.

Please view the finance office student fees site for current tuition rates.

Making sense of a full cost recovery program tuition listing:

Tuition as of Spring 2017 is $4,178.00 per course

The requirements for the Master of Management Sciences (MMSC) online program require a completion of eight (8) courses.

The total program cost would be tuition ($4,178.00)  x required courses (8) = $33.424.00

This does not include books, however on average, course instructors select course materials within the $100 - $150 range.

There are no travel costs, proctoring fees are covered by the program, and most standard computer systems are sufficient for the online system requirements.

Any additional software you may not currently have are available as free downloads and recommended by this department (eg. adobe, chrome, firefox, java etc).

OSAP & other traditional funding sources

Most traditional academic funding sources are not available to part time studies, including OSAP. However, 95% of our student body is either fully or partially funded by their employers. 

We recommend you get in touch with your Human Resources Department and find out about academic advancement/ career development opportunities that may be available to you.

Kenneth Law MMSC Online graduate
"Managers of the future will work in organizations that are based on strategic application of information technology, innovation and intrapreneurship. This program is a superior choice to an MBA."
Kenneth Law, MBA, MMSc Online Graduate

Becoming a student

To apply to the program, you will need to review the Management Sciences application requirements and procedures.  Calculus and probability will be required for admission to the MMSC Online program.

If you don't have the required calculus and/or probability qualifications:

  • MMSC Online applicants can enrol in MATH 127 which will enable you to fulfil the criteria above. You will apply for 'post-degree admission' to the required MATH course.
  • The application is available at: This site outlines what is required and the deadlines.
  • After you have received an email confirming your acceptance as a post-degree student, please contact us and let us know you are an MMSC Online applicant and require this course in order to be eligible for admission to our program.
  • If you are offered admission to our MMSC Online program it will be conditional upon the successful completion of MATH 127, achieving a grade of no less than 70%.

If you have any questions, concerns or require assistance through the application procedure, feel free to contact the MMSC Online Coordinator for support.