History of Management Science and Engineering


In the 1960's, the University of Waterloo was quickly developing a strong reputation for producing some of the world's top engineers and technicians. Toward the end of the decade a need was becoming obvious. These highly trained engineers were demanding skills that would allow them to apply their technological know-how in practical ways to build, strengthen and grow businesses and corporations they were now leading.


To answer this need, in January 1969, the Department of Management Science and Engineering launched its graduate programs. Delivering coursework (MMSc) and research (MASc & PhD) programs that give our leading engineers the education and skills to apply their technological strengths and incorporate management and applied sciences in boardrooms around the world.


Providing academic study and expertise to industry collaboration, specialized research groups formed around the areas of research in management sciences. Including Waterloo Management of Integrated Manufacturing (WATMIMS) organized in 1984. The success of this has lead to many more projects in conjunction with government and industry worldwide.


In 1998 the department launched the first online graduate program in Canada with a small group of 15 students. As the first online graduate program in Canada, Management of Technology at a Distance (MOT@Distance) became a growing force that now includes topics in Operations Research and Information Systems. More than a decade later it has evolved into a robust program with an average of 100 students actively enrolled at any one time, mirroring the on-campus MMSc program and upholding the established academic standards Management Science and Engineering has become known for. The MMSc Online program is an academic opportunity for career established individuals unable to devote the time required for full time study on campus study.


2007 found Management Science and Engineering introducing an undergraduate program that begins training Waterloo's engineers from the ground up. The Bachelor of Applied Science in management engineering gives these engineers a solid foundation in the management sciences, within their engineering, science, and math education.


Today, over 50 years later, Management Science and Engineering has seen many changes, and grown into a strong field worldwide. It is an area of study that leaders today are looking for to be able to work successfully with the increasingly rapid economic, technological, social, and environmental changes evolving in the world around us.