Online Master of Management Sciences (MMSc) - Management of Technology - Tuition and Funding

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Tuition fees are assessed on a per-course basis. Most Online MMSc-MOT students take one course per term, for a total of 8 terms (2-3 years).

Part-time tuition for the 2022/2023 academic year is $3,947.00 CAD per course for Ontario residents. The approximate total tuition required to complete the program is $31,576.00 CAD.

Approximately 50% of our Online MMSc-MOT student body is fully or partially funded by their employers. Please contact our graduate coordinators for assistance in writing a formal request for employer funding.

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Tuition and Fees

The Master in Management Sciences with a specialization in Management of Technology (MOT) is a professional, online program. Cost is assessed on a per course per-term basis (you pay for the courses you take as you take them), with a total of 8 courses required to complete the degree.



Generally, few scholarships are available for professional programs in the Department of Management Sciences and Engineering. If you are eligible for any departmental scholarships, please feel free to apply or ask us about your eligibility.

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OSAP and Other Sources

Most traditional academic funding sources, including OSAP, are not available to part-time students. We encourage you to contact your HR department and ask out about academic advancement/career and professional development funding opportunities that may be available to you.

Md Mizanur Rahman

“I was stuck in a technical role, was not moving up, and felt depressed. The education gained through the Online MMSc-MOT program helped me to move into management. As a leader, you need technical management and business skills. My electrical engineering degree provided the technical part, and the Online MMSc-MOT is where I learned the management side. The program changed my life. It gave me a boost of energy and confidence to make a career change.

I did not have a degree from Canada. The master’s opened more doors in the Canadian job market. Now I’m a graduate of the University of Waterloo. People who see that on my resume or LinkedIn profile show respect, that respect was not there before. Soon after graduating from the program, I applied what I had learnt about optimization techniques to my network planning job and saved the organization over one million dollars.”

- Md Mizanur Rahman, P.Eng., MBA, PMP, Senior Electrical Engineer, Skyline Engineering. Class of 2015.

“This program allows me to learn about aspects of management I've never been exposed to. It builds on what I've learned at work and broadens my perspective.”

-Gary Tong, Senior Manager of IT Portfolio Management. Class of 2023.

Michael Braidford

Working in engineering, I felt I required more knowledge and education to prepare me for senior roles, both to grow into technical roles and move into management positions. I found the Waterloo Online MMSc-MOT program, which aligned with my goals and catalyzed my career further. I felt comfortable choosing an online program with the University of Waterloo due to its exemplary academic reputation.

The program provided technical and business knowledge that gave me the confidence to excel in management. It's like a technical-focused version of an MBA. Completing it while working impressed my employer, helping me secure a management position. I highly recommend this program to any technical professional seeking career advancement or those in technical management roles looking to advance.”

- Michael Braidford P.Eng , MMSc, Manager, Engineering and Spec Gas Plants, Messer Americas. Class of 2017.

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