Books and Book Chapters (listed below)

Book Cover - Strengthening the Canadian Armed Forces through Diversity and InclusionStrengthening the Canadian Armed Forces through Diversity and Inclusion

Using a number of cases to highlight both challenges and opportunities, Strengthening the Canadian Armed Forces through Diversity and Inclusion provides a timely look at an established Canadian institution in a rapidly changing world.
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Book Cover - What's Wrong with the IMFWhat's Wrong with the IMF

In this book, Bessma Momani and Mark Hibben dissect the variables and institutional dynamics at play in IMF governance, surveillance, lending, and capacity development to expose the fundamental barriers to change.
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Book Cover - Egypt: Beyond Tahrir SquareEgypt: Beyond Tahrir Square

In this important and necessary volume, leading Egyptian academics and writers share their eyewitness experiences. They examine how events unfolded in relation to key social groups and institutions such as the military, police, labor, intellectuals, Coptic Christians, and the media; share the mood of the nation; assess what happened when three recent regimes of Egyptian rule came to an end; and account for the dramatic rise and fall of the Muslim Brotherhood.
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Book Cover - Arab DawnArab Dawn: Arab Youth and the Demographic Dividend they will bring

In the west, news about the Middle Eastseems to be dominated by an endless stream of stories about civil war, sectarian violence, religious extremism, and economic stagnation. But a change is coming, argues Bessma Momani, and its cause is demographic. Combining careful political analysis, insightful statistics, and numerous interviews conducted with young people from all across the Middle East and North Africa, An Arab Dawn is a study of the Arab world like no other. 
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Book Cover - Targeted TransnationalsTargeted Transnationals

co-edited with J. Hennebry
Following 9/11, the securitization of state practices and policies has chipped away at the citizenship and personal rights of all Canadians, particularly those of Arab descent. This book argues that, in a securitized global context and through racialized immigration and security policies, Arab Canadians have become "targeted transnationals." Negative media representations have further legitimized their homogenization and racialization. 
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Book Cover - Shifting Geo-Economic Power of the GulfShifting GeoEconomic Power of the Gulf: Oil, Finance and Institutions

co-edited with M. Legrenzi
This book brings together for the first time distinguished Gulf experts to analyse the renewed geo-economic prominence of the Gulf states. 
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Book Cover - From Desolation to Reconstruction: Iraq's Troubled JourneyFrom Desolation to Reconstruction: Iraq's Troubled Journey 

co-edited with M. Lamani
Iraq’s streets are unsafe, its people tormented, and its identity as a state challenged from within and without.
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Book Cover - Twentieth Century World History, A Canadian PerspectiveTwentieth Century World History, A Canadian Perspective 

co-authored with W. Duiker
Twentieth-Century World History attempts to chronicle the key events in this revolutionary century from a Canadian perspective. 
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Book Cover - Canada and the Middle EastCanada and the Middle East

co-edited with P. Heinbecker
From the perspective of Canada’s diplomats, academics, and former policy practitioners involved in the region, the book offers an overview of Canada’s relationship with the Middle East and the challenges Canada faces there. 
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Book Cover - IMF-Egyptian Debt NegotiationsInternational Monetary Fund (IMF) - Egyptian Debt Negotiations

This monograph assesses the modus operandi of debt negotiations between Egypt and the IMF, using the four agreements of 1987, 1991, 1993, and 1996. 
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