Current Research

I am fortunate to be researching and collaborating on a variety of projects exploring gender in the economy, disinformation and its impact on ethnocultural communities, as well as the geopolitical security risk of disinformation. At the core of all of my research is a goal to contribute to important policy concerns. I also highly value interdisciplinary work and am keen to involve experts in different research areas to strengthen insights and outputs.

women work and the economy logoWomen, Work, and the Economy

Under the umbrella of Women, Work, and the Economy, which is housed on its own website found here, I'm collaborating with Drs. Ana Ferrer, and Nada Basir on the impact of gender and immigration on the Canadian labour market, challenges facing women entrepreneurs, and digital transformation's impact on work that could disproportionally impact women. 

This includes a 5-year research project focused on bringing racialized women into the Canadian economy. This project seeks to provide policy advice to IRCC stakeholders that support racialized women to succeed in their communities.

This project is being funded in part through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada's (IRCC) Settlement Program Funding.