I am a glaciologist with a focus on subglacial hydrology and ice dynamics. I use numerical models to examine water flow under glaciers and assess how this impacts the flow speed of the overlying ice. I am also researching ice shelves and their stabilty in a warming climate using data collected in the Antarctic and remote sensing techniques. The future of both the grounded and floating ice has significant implications for sea level rise and global climate.


My fieldwork sites currently include:

  • Lowell Glacier, Kluane National Park, Yukon Territory Canada
  • Nansen Ice Shelf, Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica


I am actively looking for graduate students (MSc and PhD) interested in glaciology. Projects for graduate students include:

  • Examining surging glacier¬†dynamics in the Yukon (multiple projects available including field-based data analaysis and modeling projects)
  • Subglacial hydrology modeling of Antarctic grounding lines
  • Supraglacial hydrology modeling on ice sheets and valley glacier
  • Testing the applicability of subglacial hydrology equations using in situ data


Please contact me if you would like to discuss these projects or other potential avenues of research. Full funding is currently available on these projects for Canadian PhD students. International students are welcome to contact me to discuss alternative funding options.

  • ¬†