Gender, Social Justice, and Artificial Intelligence

This remote workshop and special journal issue invites philosophers to consider the connection between feminism, broadly construed, and AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a profound effect on justice and well-being in individual, social, and global contexts. Policing, banking, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, human resources, and the arts are just a small sample of areas that deeply involve AI. There is a pressing need for analysis of race, gender, disability, and social issues related to AI. As Cave and Dihal (2020) have noted, AI is predominantly portrayed as a white and male domain. Changing and challenging either of these is encouraged. Papers primarily focused on issues of race, class, geography, and disability are welcome.

Selected past events:

Changing Culture: Changing Sciences, international interdisciplinary research conference        

Excellence and Gender Equity in Science and Technology, international cross-sector research conference

Science, Technology, and Gender: Challenges and Opportunities, international interdisciplinary research conference

Women in Physics: Past, Present, and Future, international interdisciplinary research conference