Recent Seminars


  • McMaster CSE Seminar, November 24, "Nonlinear Convergence Acceleration for Computational Science and Data Science"  mcmastercseseminar-nov2021.pdf
  • Mathematics Colloquium, University of New Mexico, April 2021, "Convergence Acceleration for Nonlinear Fixed-Point Methods unmcolloquium.pdf
  • SIAM CSE conference 2021, "Asymptotic Convergence Theory of Anderson Acceleration Applied to ADMM cse21-admm.pdf


  • SIMULAMET Oslo, November 2019, "Nonlinear Preconditioning for Nonlinear Optimization: Accelerating Alternating Least Squares for Canonical Tensor Decomposition"  simula2019-final.pdf
  • ICIAM 2019 conference, Valencia, "Scalable solvers for computational science and data science: multilevel, nonlinearly preconditioned, and parallel-in-time", plenary invited presentation  iciam2019-invited-desterck.pdf