Editorial Positions

Editorial tasks assumed over the past years. They include guest-editorials for  several special issues in the field of intelligent systems:

2020-Present Deputy Editor in Chief, Springer's Discover Artificial Intelligence
2020-Present Editorial Board Member, Springer’s Social Network Analysis and Mining Journal
2020-Present Editorial Board member, Journal of Intelligent Learning Systems and Applications
2020-Present Guest Editor, Elsevier's Sustainable Cities and Society (Special Issue on  Internet of Health Things-based Connected Living for Sustainable Smart Cities)
2020-Present Guest Editor, Elsevier's Pattern Recognition Letters
2020-Present Guest Editor, IEEE Access (special issue on AI in Telemedicine)
2005-Present Associate Editor, the IEEE Trans. on Cybernetics ( IEEE Trans. On Systems, Man and Cybernetics Part-B)
2012-Present Associate Editor, the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
2014-Present Editorial Board member, Information Fusion (Elsevier)
2016-2017 Section Editor for the Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining, Second Edition, Springer 2017
2012-2014 Section co-Editor for the Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining, First Edition, Springer 2014
2009-2013 Associate Editor, The International Journal on Image Processing
2010-2011 Member of Editorial Advisory Board for the book: Qualitative Semantics and Soft Computing Methods for the Web
2010-2011 Guest Editor, Int. Journal on Control and Intelligent System, Special Issue on Autonomous and Intelligent System
2008-2012 Associate Editor, The Journal of Advances in Artificial Intelligence
2007-2010 Associate Editor, The IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine
2008-2009 Guest Editor, The IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics (special issue on Smart Mechatronics and Embedded Design)
2007-2017 Associate Editor of the Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems
2006-2010 Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics
2005-2012 Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, part B
2002-Present Associate Editor of the International Journal of Control and Intelligent Systems
1999-Present Associate Editor of the International Journal on Robotics and Automation
2007-2014 Member of the Editorial Board of The Open Cybernetics and Systemics Journal
1997-2002 Member of the Editorial Board of The Journal of Knowledge-Based Intelligent Engineering Systems
2000-Present Regular reviewer for grant applications submitted to the National Science Foundation (USA) and Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada
1996-2008 Member of the Editorial Board of The IEEE Control System Society Conference Proceedings and Associate Editor of the Proceedings for the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and the Proceedings of the American Control Conference