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The work of some of my undergrad students (from Food Systems & Sustainability courses) is posted on the 'Student Research' page of the Food System Roundtable of Waterloo Region.

Name of students

Program & year completed

Research/thesis topic

Julia Burke PhD in Geography Fostering relationality in sustainability education through affective learning, contemplative practices, and collective action (in progress)
Ginny Wong Honours in Geography Using a relationality framework to support undergraduate learning for advocacy in environmental sustainability (in progress)
Eurus (Jiaqing) Pan Honours in Planning Food System Resilience Planning (in progress)
Jodi Koberinski PhD in Geography Towards Food Democracy: questioning commodification and the commons in the Robinson Huron Treaty Territory (in progress)
Charlene Williams PhD in Geography Food Sovereignty and Indigenous Participation in the Alberta Oil Sands (in progress)
Farhan Rahman PhD in Geography Food security, urbanization, and the informal sector in Bangalore, India (in progress)    
Laura Manners Master's in Global Governance, 2023 Toward Global Food Security: Mobilizing Pluralism Through the Decentralization of Contemporary Food Governance Structures
Ning Dai PhD in Geography, 2022 The State as a High Modernist Planner: Planning of Food System Transitions in Nanjing, China    
Emily Bass Master's in Environment, Resources & Sustainability, 2021 Sustainable Diets, Population Growth & Regional Food Production: A Case Study of Waterloo Region, Ontario
Danshu Qi PhD in Geography, 2020 Transitions to Ecological Agriculture in Nanjing, China: Farm Types, Social-Political Networks, and Rural Communities    
Jodi Koberinski Master's in Environment, Resources & Sustainability, 2018 Taking the Pulse of Canada’s Specialized Industrial Food System
Alex Glaros Master's in Geography, 2018 Seeking Middle Ground: Reconciling two trajectories for food system relocalization
Geoff Luehr Master's in Geography, 2019 Intra-urban agriculture in Nanjing, China: Practices, motivations, and challenges
Trina Loken Master's in Global Governance, 2017 China’s Nutrition Transition: Prospects for Mitigating Negative Impacts on Public Health and Environment
Bella Qian Cai Master's in Local Economic Development, 2016 Ingredients for Sustainable Campus Food Systems: A Case Study of the University of Waterloo 
Emily Mann Master's in Environment, Resources & Sustainability, 2016 Diverse forms of market engagement: Grounding food sovereignty in the experiences of Ontario's ecological grain farmers
Danielle Collins Master's in Local Economic Development, 2015 A Framework for Analyzing Collaboration for Regional Economic Development in Southwestern Ontario (publication)
Jenelle Regier-Davies Master's in Geography, 2015 Fake Meat and Cabbageworms': Connecting Perceptions of Food Safety and Household Level Food Security in Urban China
Jennifer Marshman Master's in Geography, 2015 Gleaning in the 21st Century: Urban Food Recovery and Community Food Security in Ontario, Canada
Theresa Schumilas PhD in Geography, 2014 Alternative Food Networks with Chinese Characteristics
Aijuan Angela Chen PhD in Geography, 2014 China’s Path in Developing Organic Agriculture: Opportunities and Implications for Small-scale Farmers and Rural Development
Zhenzhong Si PhD in Geography, 2014 Alternative Food Networks and Rural Development Initiatives in China: Characterization, Contestations and Interactions
Scott Ross Master's in Local Economic Development, 2014 Regional Economic Development and Alternative Food Network Governance: A Waterloo Region Case Study
Brittany Bruce Master's in Geography, 2014 Collaboration and Regional Economic Development: A Comparison of North Country, New York and Four Counties, Ontario
Junxue Zhao Honours in Geography, 2014 An exploratory analysis of assessment framework for food system sustainability in Nanjing, China
Jennifer Marshman Honours in Geography, 2013 Addressing Barriers to Urban Agriculture in Waterloo Region
Reiko Omoto PhD in Geography, 2012 Small-Scale Producers and the Governance of Certified Organic Seafood Production in Vietnam's Mekong Delta
Dave Yousif Master's in Geography, 2009 Institutional Arrangements for Composting and Compost Use in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Luke Simmons Master's in Geography, 2008 Moving Towards Agroecosystem Sustainability: Safe Vegetable Production in Vietnam (see also publication: Health Concerns Drive Safe Vegetable Production in Vietnam)
Darren Perrett Master's in Geography, 2008 Water Governance and Pollution Control in Peri-Urban Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: The Challenges Facing Farmers and Opportunities for Change
David Maclaughlin Master's in Local Economic Development, 2008 Overcoming Latecomer Disadvantage: The Case of Taiwan's Wind Manufacturing Industry (publication)
Van Ngoc Truc Phuong Master's in Geography, 2007 Agrarian Transition and Peri-Urban Land Use Change in a Mid-Sized City of Vietnam
Dave Yousif Honours in Environment and Resource Studies, 2006 Waste Management and Sustainable Livelihoods in Guatemala
Stefanie Phelan Honours in Environment and Resource Studies, 2006 Indicators to Analyze the Sustainability of Vietnam's Food System
Leela Ramachandran Master's in Geography, 2005 Institutionalizing Participatory Learning: The Role of Vietnamese Agricultural Universities in Local Development (publication in Regional Studies)
Yiming Wang Master's in Local Economic Development, 2005 The Political Ecology of Illegal Farm Leasing in China's Urban Periphery: A Case from Haikou, Hainan Province (publication in Urban Geography)
Jen McGowan Honours in Geography, 2005 Sustainable Rural Tourism and Poverty Reduction: A Case Study of Sa Pa, Vietnam
Pyone Myat Thu Honours in Geography, 2004, U of Western Australia Gendered Access to Customary Land in East Timor (publication in GeoJournal)
Alexander Cullen Honours in Geography, 2004, U of Western Australia Mapping Traditional Boundaries and Land Access in Timor Leste