Research Projects

As the Norman W. McLeod Chair in Sustainable Pavement Engineering and Director of the Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technology, Dr. Tighe's key research areas can be summarized as follows:

susan_tighe- Sustainable Pavement engineering and management
- Evaluation of climate change of roads
- Long life infrastructure
- Application of asset management to highway and airport operations
- Designing and building safer roads and airfields
- Life cycle economic analysis as a tool for infrastructure management and evaluating materials
- Development and evaluation of infrastructure management system components
- Solar technology in roads and pavement infrastructure - Researchers at the University of Waterloo, within the faculty of engineering are    collaborating to develop a solar technology that could be used in a solar road



2015-2017 MTO (PI) Performance Evaluation of Pre-cast Concrete Panels over Asphalt
2015-2017 MTO (Co-PI) Local Calibration of the MEPDG Prediction Models
2015-2017 MTO (Co-PI) Development of High Modulus Asphalt Mix Design Technology in Ontario
2015-2020 NSERC Discovery Grant (PI) Sustainable Long Life Pavements
2016-2016 York Region (PI) Performance Evaluation of Coloured Asphalt Pavements and Surface Treatments for BRT Lanes in York Region
2014-2016 MTO (PI) Effect of Warm Mix Additives on Tensile Strength of Compacted Asphalt Mix
2014-2017 Imperial Oil (PI) Improvement Strategies for Upstream Heavy Oil Mining Roadways
2013-2015 NSERC-CRD/McAsphalt Industries Ltd. (PI) Comparing Cold In-place Recycling (CIR) and Cold In-place Recycling with Expanded Asphalt Mixture (CIREAM)
2013-2014 Saudi Arabian Bureau Academic Bench Fee Program for Funded Graduate Students
2013-2014 MTO (PI) Engineering Criteria and Standards for Key Pavement Performance Indicators Used in Pavement Management
2013-2015 MTO (PI) Development of Acceptance Test Methods Related to Performance and Durability of Previous Concrete
2013-2013 Dessau-JNA (LVM) (PI) Climate Change Adaptation Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative Kuujjuaq Airport
2012-2016 NSERC (CAC) (PI) Sustainable Long Life Concrete Pavements
2012-2015 CAC (PI) Evaluation of Pervious Pavement Technology
2012-2015 CAC (PI) Evaluation of Recycling
2012-2014 MTO (PI) Improving the Fatigue Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt
2012-2014 MTO (PI) Determination of Dynamic Modulus for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) required for Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG) Implementation
2012-2014 OTS (PI) Evaluation of Rubber Modified Asphalt: Past, Present, Future
2011-2012 TAC (PI) C-LTPP Database
2010-2012 MTO/OHMPA/NSERC (PI) Determining Quantity of Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) in Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)
2010-2012 Town of Markham (PI) Evaluation of Pavement Distress Measurement
2010-2012 Town of Markham (PI) Quantifying Pavement Sustainability
2010-2012 MTO (PI) Assessment of Long-Term Performance and Cost-Effectiveness of Standard Pavement Treatments Used in PMS2
2010-2011 MTO (PI) Automated Performance Measures for Contract Administration
2010-2015 NSERC Discovery Grant (PI) Sustainable Long Life Pavements
2010-2015 Canada Research Chair CRC in Sustainable Pavement and Infrastructure Management
2010-2012 Ontario Centre of Excellence/Team Eagle Ltd. (PI) Development of Evaluation of a Braking Availability Testing Design
2009-2011 Transportation Association of Canada (PI) 2011 TAC Pavement Asset Design and Management Guide
2010-2013 Ontario Centre of Excellence Miller Shingles
2009-2010 NCHRP (PI) Sustainable Maintenance Practices
2009-2011 SHRP2 Complex Projects
2009-2010 Brunway (PI) Evaluation of Potato Waste/Salt Brine Solutions on Flexible Pavement Performance: A Case Study
2009-2010 Various Private Public Partners Chair in Sustainable Pavements
2008-2010 Miller Group (PI) Evaluation of Recycled Asphalt Technology
2008-2009 MTO (PI) Validation and Implementation of MTO Network Level Automated/Semi-Automated Pavement Distress Guidelines and Condition Rating Methodology
2008-2009 MTO (PI) Development of Guidelines for Evaluation of the Pavements on Highway Ramps and Interchanges
2008-2009 MTO (PI) Quantifying Pavement Sustainability
2008-2010 Cement Association of Canada (PI) Evaluation of Pervious Pavement Technology
2007-2009 City of Hamilton (PI) Evaluation of warm mix
2007-2009 MTO/FERIC (PI) Central Tire Inflation Evaluation for Ontario Roads
2007-2008 MTO (PI) Quiet pavements: fact or foe?
2007-2008 MTO (Co-PI) Work zone safety
2006-2010 NSERC/CAC (PI) Concrete for Sustainable Highways
2005-2008 CFI/CAC (PI) Sensor and Surveillance Technologies for Pavement and Construction Research
2005-2007 MTO Using RWIS to Improve Seasonal Load Restriction Policies
2005-2006 NSERC/IPS/GTAA (PI) Canadian Airport Pavement Design Methods
2004-2005 MTO (PI) Assessment of Automation of Pavement Condition Surveys