Research Interests

My research interests are in the area of thermal/fluid systems involving fluid dynamics, two-phase flow, heat and mass transfer, combustion phenomena and energy conversion systems. My research group and I are engaged in both theoretical modelling and experimental studies of liquid atomization and spray systems for a variety of practical applications, transport phenomena in fuel cell systems, and industrial heat transfer processes.

My research group and I are currently focused on promoting green (or greener) energy through energy diversification and energy localization for sustainable development and energy security. Green energy, despite the variety of interpretations possible, is taken as the form and utilization of energy with no, minimal, or reduced negative environmental and societal impact, or simply as environmentally friendly energy use. Therefore, the topical areas of interest for the green energy research include, but are not limited to:

Energy Systems and Energy Policy/Planning

  • Energy and Exergy Analysis and Thermodynamic Optimization
  • Energy Systems Evolution, Modelling and Optimization
  • Design of Future Energy Systems
  • Life Cycle Analysis

Renewable Energy

  • Wind Energy: Wind energy potential assessment, and theoretical determination of the probability distribution of wind speed

Energy Conversion Technologies

  • Fuel Cells
    • PEM Fuel Cells: modeling, experiment, design of flow fields and bipolar plates, scaling law for cell and stack design, CO poisoning and mitigation
    • Direct Methanol Fuel Cells: modeling of transport phenomena and cell performance
    • SOFCs: energy and exergy analysis, transport phenomena modeling and cell performance
  • Low Emission Combustion Technology: Liquid fuel atomization and spray combustion
    • Liquid Fuel Atomization and Spray Formation
    • Probability Distribution of Spray Droplet Sizes and Velocities
    • Experimental Characterization of Spray Formation Processes and Spray Droplet Sizes and Velocities
    • Spray and Ambient Air Stream Interaction
    • Droplet Vaporization and Ignition

Energy Conservation and Management

  • Energy Storage Techniques: Thermal energy storage
  • Green Houses/Buildings: Double glass window insulation and heat transfer loss subject to transient wall temperature variations
  • Energy Efficiency Improvement for Industrial Processes: Cooling of electric transformers, cooling of structural steel products in steel mills (rolling and in cooling beds)