Research Supporters

Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada

  • Transport phenomena in environmentally friendly energy technologies (Discovery Grant)
  • Automated and integrated fuel cell test station (Equipment Grant)
  • Liquid atomization and sprays (Research Grant)
  • Phase Doppler upgrade for existing educational 1-D LDV system (Equipment Grant)
  • Digital particle imaging velocimetry system (Equipment Grant, joint)
  • Next generation fuel cells for transportation applications (CRD Grant, joint)
  • Digital high-speed imaging system (Equipment Grant)
  • Temperature Modelling of Hot Rolling Stocks (CRD Grant)
  • Initial droplet size and velocity distributions in sprays (CRD Grant)

Auto 21 Network of Centres of Excellence (with PalCan Fuel Cells Ltd., Hydrogenics Corporation and NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation)

  • PEM fuel cells and related technologies

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)

  • Equipment for fuel cells

Center for Automotive Materials and Manufacturing (CAMM) and DuPont Canada

  • Experimental investigation of PEM fuel cell performance
  • Experimental Investigation to Establish Scaling Laws for Fuel Cell Scale-up Design

Pratt Whitney & Canada

  • Nonlinear liquid sheet breakup processes
  • Initial Droplet size and velocity distributions in sprays

VA Tech Ferranti-Packard Transformers Ltd.

  • Natural cooling of transformer windings

Quad Engineering Inc.

  • Temperature Measurements of hot billets during rolling and in cooling bed in steel mills
  • Thermal modelling of hot billets

Forestry Canada and B.C. Ministry of Forests

  • Development of efficient and effective wildfire suppression technology
  • Prescribed burn of forests

Wighton Engineering Product Development Fund

  • Design of a portable Insulin Cooler

National Research Council and Innovation and Development Corporation

  • R & D of wildfire suppression technology

IFEX GmbH (Germany)

  • Urban, residential and forest fire suppression technology
  • Cooling of steel during steel fabrication process

S C Johnson & Son, Inc. (USA)

  • Liquid atomization for aerosol application

British Gas and Ballard Power Systems

  • Development of next generation transportation fuel cell systems
  • Modelling of proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance
  • Low-cost fuel cell component fabrication techniques

B C Ministry of Advanced Education

University of Victoria

University of Waterloo