Research Projects

My current research projects are mainly in the area of Fuel Cells, Liquid Atomization and Sprays, Wind Energy, Energy and Exergy Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, and Energy Efficiency Improvement for Industrial Heat Transfer Processes. Specifically:

  • Green energy systems, energy system modeling and energy policy/planning
  • Wind energy potential assessment and probability distribution of wind speeds
  • Mechanism of liquid atomization and spray formation
  • Modelling of probability distribution of droplet sizes and velocities for practical sprays (such as in diesel and aircraft engines)
  • Experimental characterization of spray formation processes and spray droplet sizes and velocities by high-speed imaging systems and phase-Doppler interferometry
  • Modelling of transport phenomena in fuel cells
  • Modelling and experiments of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
  • Development of scaling laws for PEM fuel cell and stack designs
  • Design and fabrication of flow distribution fields and bipolar plates
  • Modelling of direct methanol fuel cells
  • Energy and exergy analysis, thermodynamic optimization
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Temperature modelling of hot rolling stocks
  • Natural oil cooling of electrical transformers

The above projects are supported by NSERC, Auto 21, NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation, Hydrogenics Corp., PalCan Fuel Cells Ltd., CAMM (Centre for Automotive Materials and Manfacturing), DuPont Canada, VA Tech, CFI (Canada Foundation for Innovation), etc.

Here is the overview of current PEM fuel cell research: PEMFC 1, PEMFC 2.