Waterloo Rocketry Team selected as one of four finalists!!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

SEDS-Canada, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) select four teams for CAN-RGX 2019

Toronto, ON: Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS-Canada) has selected the four finalist teams among a pool of applications for the 2019 Canadian Reduced Gravity Experiment Design Challenge (CAN-RGX). The competition challenged post-secondary students attending Canadian universities and colleges to submit a proposal for a small scientific payload to be tested onboard the National Research Council of Canada's (NRC) Falcon 20 research aircraft, capable of simulating reduced gravity environments, similar to those found in the International Space Station.

Two students per finalist team will get to fly onboard the aircraft as Mission Specialists to operate their experiments. Each flight will consist of at least 12 parabolic maneuvers to allow students to run their experiments and collect all the necessary data for subsequent analysis on the ground. The Falcon 20 is one of the world's best microgravity planes; it provides the closest environment to that of real zero gravity. Each parabola will provide up to 20 seconds of near zero-G. With support from NRC and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), and it's partner the Canada's Aviation and Space Museum, CAN-RGX is the only competition of its kind in Canada.

''The National Research Council of Canada is proud to be part of this extraordinary opportunity working with the student teams to realize their project plans in microgravity flight. NRC's primary research aircraft, the Falcon 20, will help our next generation of researchers realize their future potential in the space sector" says Derek Gowanlock, Research Flight Test Engineer at the National Research Council of Canada.
The finalists include:

•    Waterloo Rocketry from the University of Waterloo and their project, MAPLE (Magnetic Pump Loop Experiment), which will investigate the effects of microgravity on the pumping of paramagnetic fluid to help achieve higher mass flow rates for various fluid systems

•    Team MERGE (McMaster Experimental Reduced Gravity Team) from McMaster University will be studying the effects of sloshing during satellite refueling and developing a slat-screen system to dampen and evenly disperse incoming fluid to minimize dynamic forces that could create instabilities in the satellite

•    UVic Rocketry from the University of Victoria will sequence RNA of eukaryotic model organisms in a microgravity environment to better understand its response at the molecular level for applications in preventative measures for the health of human space travellers

•    the Queen's Droplet Morphing Team from Queen's University, who will be studying the behaviour of a droplet of a conducting fluid under nonuniform electric fields in microgravity for applications in micropropulsion systems for satellites and small spacecraft

The four teams must now complete the next phase of their project, the Preliminary Design Review, due February 1st, which they will present to a panel of judges including experts in microgravity flight sciences from CAN-RGX's collaborating agencies, including the CSA and NRC. After finalizing their designs, theteams will have six weeks to build their experiments in order to submit the next milestone, the Critical Design Review. The experiments will then be integrated into NRC's Falcon 20 aircraft in preparation for the Flight Campaign scheduled for July 2019.

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