Current Teams


This section is designed to inform the current student design teams about the Term Information Form, safety training and information, information about hiring a coop student, SharePoint, SDC vehicle bookings, and room bookings.

Term Information Form

The Term Information Form is to be filled out by the Team Lead EVERY term by all active SDC teams. This is to ensure the SDC administration has all up-to-date information about the team and its members.

The information provided here is also linked to the Group List Manager which will be cleared and uploaded at the beginning of each term by the SDC administration. In order to use the CAD room and the SDC resources this must be completed.

Safety Training for Core Members

The Sedra Student Design Centre is very proactive regarding health & safety.

Listed below you will find safety training courses that you need to complete in order to use the SDC and its resources.

Please follow the instructions below to complete the ONLINE COURSES:

  • WHMIS 2015 for employees 
  • Worker Health & Safety Awareness (4 step process) 
  • ESMS Safety Orientation on LEARN
  • Student Design Centre Safety Requirements on LEARN

How to complete the training:

  • Complete all courses by logging into Learn and selecting “Self-Registration”

Safety Captain Information

Each team is responsible for selecting a Safety Captain at the beginning of each term. This is mandatory for teams who manufacture, fabricate in workbays/stations, and use the SDC shared space.

Team Safety Captains must become registered on the Mailing List as messages and reminders will be posted to this list on a regular basis through the term.

Hiring A Coop Student

The following requirements apply to all student teams that intend to hire co-op students to work in the SDC.

  • A team may only hire 2 co-op students per term. All requests to hire more than 2 co-op students must be made to SDC Director before applying.
  • The student supervisor of these co-op students must be on-campus during the term and must complete all training prior to the start of the work term.
  • The decision to approve a team's request and the student supervisor's qualifications must be made by the SDC administration prior to hiring co-op students.

Please email the SDC Administration the following information:

  1. Team Name
  2. Student supervisor name and status (academic term or on-campus co-op)
  3. Student supervisor qualifications (program, term, experience with the team/how many years)
  4. Acknowledgement of ability / intention for daily interaction, direction for co-op students

When the status and qualifications of the student supervisor have been approved, the student supervisor is required to complete all mandatory training and will provide proof that ALL training has been completed.

  • Employee Safety Orientation
  • Workplace Violence Awareness
  • WHMIS 2015 for Employees
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Supervisor Safety Awareness Training
  • And a copy of the ENG student Machine shop card/training

Once the student supervisor training records have been received, the team will be approved by the SDC to proceed with posting the job and/or hiring students. Co-operative and Experiential Education (CEE) will not allow jobs to be posted on WaterlooWorks and will not accept Job Information Forms until they receive SDC approval.

Co-op Employment Process:

  • Once your team has the approved from the SDC administration you need to post the job in WaterlooWorks under the teams faculty advisor's account. In that posting you must identify that the role is unpaid. Once you identify the role is unpaid CEE will reach out to you to confirm they have submitted all the necessary paperwork. When they have your confirmation they will approve the role and advertise it in WaterlooWorks for 2 business days. Due to the timing of the posting the ‘recruiters’ from the team can contact any applicants directly to arrange interviews and can also offer the position directly. Should you find a student to hire you need to notify your contact from CEE so they can employ the student in WaterlooWorks and fill the job.
  • Once a student is selected through the posting process, notify Co-operative and Experiential Education (CEE) of hiring decision accompanied by student's confirmation of acceptance.
  • Teams must submit the Coop Information Form and all supporting training records / documents to the SDC Administration no later than 2 weeks after the co-op student has started. Failure to do so may result in the team work bay being locked and the co-op student(s) being sent home.

SDC SharePoint Site

The Sedra Student Design Centre has its own SharePoint site which has detailed documentation that every SDC Team must have access to.

The information found here consists of, but not limited to:

- The Student Team Information Manuel

- Vehicle availability calendars

- Finance Information

- Meeting Minutes

- Safety Information

- Travel Information

- Forms

In order to gain access you must fill out the Term Information Form at the start of EVERY term.

SDC Vehicle Booking

The first step in being able to use the SDC vehicles and tow trailers is to have your team lead contact a member of the SDC Administration team to set up a meeting. During the meeting you will first go through the Team Vehicle Driver Information Questionnaire to see if you are eligible to drive. Once approved, you will discuss and go over the Requirements and Procedures for the use of Student team vehicles form, and have them filled out where appicable.

If you have the need to drive commercially, i.e. drive the GMC dually or tow a trailer you will have to log in to LEARN; click on the Student Design Centre Vehicle Safety Guidelines; read the information and proceed to the Vehicle Safety Guidelines; read the PowerPoint; then continue onto the assessment.

  • SDC Commercial Truck and Trailer training –  this section is intended for those who would like to use our GMC dually truck and do any towing, which is considered commercial by the MTO.
  • If you intend to drive commercially in the US, you will be required to complete a full medical to prove you are medically fit to do so.

The booking system for SDC is

1)     The team lead (according to the Google Sheet) goes to and registers.  Make sure to use your 8 character uwaterloo email when you register – for example, mine is  Once you’ve registered you have access to the booking calendars

2)      Keys will be picked up in the SDC student shop 1st floor of E5

SDC Room Booking

Teams can book the following 3 rooms for team meetings, sponsor visits or team related workshops. They are not to be booked for non-team related events like studying or watching movies.

The booking system for SDC resources is now available at

1)     The team lead (according to the Google Sheet) goes to and registers.  Make sure to use your 8 character uwaterloo email when you register – for example, mine is   Once you’ve registered you have access to the booking calendars

2)     If you want others on your team to have access for booking please send me their email address and I’ll add them.  Please keep your requests down to 1 or 2 extras per team

3)     You can book individual meetings or regularly scheduled meetings i.e. weekly. We haven’t enforced any rules about the length of bookings or number of bookings but please only book the time you need so others can have a chance to access the space

4)     The Assembly Area space E7 is fob access only.  If you need a fob for your team please contact us. The other meeting rooms are fob access but also have door codes that we will provide.

5)     If you need a space for longer time (all day event, for example) and there is a conflict with another booking please let me know and we will try to find a solution that works for everyone

The vehicles and shared fabrication spaces (composites room, paint room, etc.) will be added to this system soon.

E5 Room #2004

Accommodates 60 people – has a ceiling mounted data projector, a screen and chalk board.

E5 Room #2103

Accommodates 12 people – has a TV and a chalk board.

  • Please turn off all lights and projectors when you are finished in these rooms.
  • Put the room back in its original configuration.
  • Call Plant operations if you require assistance with clean up. (there may be a cost for this)

E7 Room #1401 - Assembly Area

Accommodates 12 people – Can only be booked after 5PM.