Meeting rooms

E5-2004 Meeting Room

We have a 12-seat conference room, E5 2103 and a 60-seat classroom, E5 2004, the Sedra Student Design Centre (SDC) offers space for our teams. Located on the second floor, these rooms include data projectors and excellent views overlooking the Sedra Student Design Centre and the uWaterloo campus.

Computer Aided Design(CAD) studio

CAD Design Studio

Fourteen PC workstations with dual monitors and 3D CAD interfaces are located in the CAD Design Studio on the 2nd floor. These computers are used by the student teams for solid modelling, visualization and simulation in support of their projects. This workspace is also an ideal location for software training courses and workshops.

Electronics room

Electronics Room

The Electronics Assembly and Test workspace on the second floor has six workstations with state-of-the-art digital multimeters, power supplies, wave form generators and oscilloscopes generously donated by Agilent Canada, Ltd. Other resources include soldering stations, a hot air rework station and a stereoscope. Personal computers located at each station host electronics design and simulation software packages.

Sanding/Paint rooms

Sanding/Paint Room

Sanding and other dust-producing fabrication work are performed in a specially designed Sanding Room. With a built-in dust removal system, this workspace is large enough to house two full size vehicle projects at the same time.

Across the hall, the Painting Room is used by students for painting as well as fibreglass and carbon fibre lay-up. The room’s ventilation system and explosion-proof lighting ensure a safe working environment for all.