Midterm Inspection

Teams will have their bay inspected each semester by the Director and/or Manager, SDC in the week following midterm examination week.

These inspections provide an opportunity to highlight progress made by the team towards their safety program and lets SDC administration answer any questions that the team has about safety-related matters. It also allows the SDC to highlight any potential hazards that the team may be unaware of.

A sign-up sheet will be made available to teams approximately one week prior to beginning inspections. It will be located outside of E5-2105 (office of the Director, SDC). Additionally, a posting will be sent out to the safety mailing list.



Co-op hiring and forms

7 – Complete. All forms in, training adequate.

5 – Minor omissions, small errors.

0 – Major omissions. Training is unclear. Use 0 rating if safety manual is inadequate and cannot provide job-specific training.

Changes to the Safety Manual

4 – Thorough, complete. Potentially, small errors in recommendations (to be fixed).

3 – Minor omissions. Some hazards unaddressed.

0 – Inadequate progress

Member registry

2 – Complete

1 – Minor omissions

0 – Major omissions

Standard Operating Procedures

2 – Thorough and complete. Potentially, small errors in recommendations (to be fixed)

1 – Minor omissions. Some hazards unadressed.

0 – Inadequate progress

MSDS Binder

2 – Thorough, no visible omissions. One or two MSDS may be out of date or inadequate, but will be updated.

1 – Minor omissions, some significant but not egregious inconsistency between team and share-use binders.

0 – Inadequate progress

Monthly inspection

2 – Completed two inspections

1 – One missing, or one with major hazards missing

0 – Two missing, or two with major hazards missing     

Holistic appraisal

6 – Actively participating in safety program and building it into team culture. Bay is in good condition.


0 – Combative or evasive towards the safety program.

Total score: __ / 25 (co-ops) or __ / 18 (no co-ops)

For teams with co-op students, re-inspection will occur with scores equal to or less than 14.
For teams without co-op students, this will occur with scores equal to or less than 9.

Holistic Appraisal Guidance

Good practices & behaviours

Poor practices & behaviours

  • Team seems engaged with the safety progress, and seeks to make improvements.
  • Team has sought the advice of the Director, SSDC, on safety matters before the review.
  • Team has gone above and beyond the requirements for the program.
  • Team bay is clean and easy to work in.
  • Hazards are well-labelled.
  • Team bay is cluttered to the extent that members have difficulty moving or working in the bay.
  • Common use areas used by the team are left in a poor state.
  • Overall attitude of the team shows lack of care for the safety program.
  • Lack of knowledge on the requirements from the team that are outlined in the Team Safety Manual.
  • Evidence of co-op students or other team members operating in an unsafe manner previously.
  • Evidence of co-op students being poorly trained for the tasks they are assigned.
  • Poorly completed inspections, SOPs, or other safety documents.