Welcome to Social Development Studies

Social Development Studies (SDS) is a Bachelor of Arts major offering courses in human and social development through psychology, sociology, and social work perspectives. The degree can be done entirely online, on-campus, or with a mix of modalities.

Students develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal relations, leadership, civic engagement, and global citizenship. With a University of Waterloo degree and an SDS major, graduates attain an excellent foundation for graduate studies, professional programs, and careers in human and public service.

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Green Office silver certification

SDS is part of the Renison Green Office, which was awarded a Silver Certification in 2023.

SDS students can pursue any of the following degree plans on-campus, online, or a mix of both:

  • 3-year General Major 
  • 4-year General Major
  • 4-year Honours Major
  • Minor

To learn more about these academic plans, visit the Undergraduate Calendar and our Checklists webpage.

SDS Major students can also access any of our 5 specializations:

  • Social Work
  • Education
  • Individual Well-being and Development
  • Diversity and Equity*
  • Social Policy and Social Action*

*on-campus only

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