Research Apprenticeship - SDS 495R

How to Apply

Email for an application form or if you have questions.

Due - First Friday of the term


  • SDS Major average of 80% or higher
  • Completed SDS 250R and SDS 251R
  • Level at least 3A

Course Description

This course invites students to work with a professor on the latter's research project. During this unpaid apprenticeship (six to eight hours per week throughout the term), students will do agreed-upon tasks to help them acquire skills and gain understanding of the research process and of the discipline itself. The faculty member and the student will determine the exact duties together. A document outlining these duties must be approved by the Social Development Studies Chair and kept on file. The course is offered on a credit/non-credit basis only. Paid or volunteer positions outside this course are not eligible for credit.

Department Consent Required
Prereq: SDS/ISS 250R and 251R; Level at least 3A

Students who opt to do a specialization may be able to take this course as part of their specialization requirements, provided that the topics studied fit with the chosen specialization. Department consent will be required.

Finding a Supervisor

This is a list of our full-time faculty and their research interests. Ideally your topic should align somewhat with your supervisor's expertise so they can best support you. Please email them directly to inquire about supervision opportunities.