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Current projects

Welcome to my page on Energy and Limits, slowly being built-up and expanded as I complete additional essays and presentations. The purpose of this page is as an accessible primer on issues of limits and energy.

Other initiatives

Download your own paper sundial, plus other plots! You can custom-design plots for various uses, and set orbital parameters for other planets etc. No astronomy or math skills needed.

This project is based on a CO2 calculating spreadsheet developed by David Willms, which came out of an environmental initiative at Rockway Mennonite Church in Kitchener, Ontario. The goal is to raise awareness of environmental issues, particularly climate change and global warming.

Are you tired of complicated counter programs, with indecipherable code and pages of configuration?

I was! Even counters which claimed to be simple had such complicated configurations that I figured I could write the code from scratch in less time it would take to configure someone else's.

Completed projects

A simple progress meter for Matlab. If you have code that requires many iterations to run, it is nice to get an on-screen update. Instead of printing numbers onto the screen, it is much cleaner to have this progress txt file which computes the time remaining. Additional help information available in the function header.

The default plots in Matlab look ok, but really aren't publishing quality, particularly if the plot is reduced in size. Text is too small, axis labels are crowded, and lines are too thin. After you produce a plot, just download and run this function txt file. Addtional help information available in the function header.

Ising models are widely used in physics and mathematics. I was interested in doing some simple tests, however I was amazed that an Internet search turned up almost no available programs in Matlab.