Introduction to Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Paul Fieguth an introduction to complex systems society, ecology, and nonlinear dynamics

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This page contains information and support material for my book, An Introduction to Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

The domains of Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning have experienced exceptional interest and growth, however the overwhelming number of methods and applications can make the fields seem bewildering. This text offers an accessible and conceptually rich introduction, a solid mathematical development emphasizing simplicity and intuition. Students beginning to explore pattern recognition do not need a suite of mathematically advanced methods or complicated computational libraries to understand and appreciate pattern recognition; rather the fundamental concepts and insights, eminently teachable at the undergraduate level, motivate this text. This book provides methods of analysis that the reader can realistically undertake on their own, supported by real-world examples, case-studies, and worked numerical / computational studies.

Every chapter has suggested further reading, the links of which are collected here for convenience. Each chapter has a list of problems to work on, some of which are analytical, some numerical, and at least one qualitative discussion based on a reading:

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