With fewer students on campus for the spring term, Federation of Students (Feds) campus groups are looking for more volunteers. Volunteering on campus is an easy way to meet new people, make connections and gain additional experience — all while helping your peers.

“I think that you get to learn a lot of things that you wouldn’t learn in a classroom” said Ellie Wang, a volunteer co-ordinator for the Feds Student Food Bank, “It isn’t what I study in school; it’s the activities that I’m involved in, what I do, and how I make a difference. I think those are the memories that I’ll take from university.”

On May 9, Feds hosted its Campus Life Fair, an event that is held every term, in the Student Life Center to promote campus initiatives. Groups that participated in this fair were a mix of Feds’ own initiatives, programs run by the University, and groups headquartered at the University colleges.

Ellie Wang, coordinator for the Feds Student Food Bank this term

Ellie Wang, one of the two student coordinators for the Feds Student Food Bank 


Some groups that attended this event were:

Fully stocked food bank

The Feds Student Food Bank fully stocked after end-of-term donations came in from on-campus residences 

The Feds Student Food Bank isn’t just feeling the pinch from the time of year, they’re also facing an increase in student usage of the food bank. According to an article by the CBC, food banks at Canadian universities are seeing as much as a 30% increase from last year in the number of students coming through their doors.

Sonia Yung, another coordinator for the Feds Sutden

Sonia Yung, the second student coordinator for the Feds Student Food Bank this term

“I’ve definitely noticed a lot more visitors” said Sonia Yung, another coordinator for the food bank this term.

“We unfortunately had to put restrictions on [food] so that we could serve greater demand and inflow of people” said Ellie.

While it is definitely having an impact on them, both coordinators, along with the food bank, are taking this influx of customers in stride. Their biggest need is more volunteers. “If we had a lot of people we could run lots of events . . . we could really stock our shelves a lot better, and make sure that the whole student body is aware of us,” said Ellie.


To find additional volunteer opportunities with Feds, please visit their website, look at postings on LEADS, or visit the Feds Services BBQ on Friday, June 1st.

Banner Image - Alysa Martin, Turnkey Desk