Victoria Stacey is graduating with a job as the digital media co-ordinator at a Toronto firm and as the founder and editor-in-chief of her own online magazine.

Victoria Stacey sitting at a table in a Waterloo Restaurant

Stacey, an Honours Arts and Business, Speech Communication grad, launched her magazine, Passion8, during her third co-op term at the University of Waterloo. The project brings together up-and-coming young professionals from many different creative fields who want to build their portfolios and show their work.

“I’m so inspired by Waterloo students working on startups. I knew I wanted to work on a project of my own, but I wanted it to be something I was passionate about,” says Stacey.

Stacey will balance her work on Passion8 with her full-time job at Kohl and Frisch Ltd. where she will do design, social media and content creation - all skills she honed during her co-op terms.

“I founded my own online magazine because I wanted a career I was passionate about,” says Stacey.