A group of high school students headed to the University of Waterloo this September have been named 2020 Schulich Leaders.

The prestigious award comes with an $80,000 or $100,000 scholarship made possible by businessman and philanthropist Seymour Schulich. 

This year, the Schulich Leader Scholarship program supports 100 young Canadians pursuing a STEM degree.

“After rereading the email multiple times to make sure that I hadn’t misread, I ran into my parent’s room screaming and hugged them. They were really confused about what happened, and I tried to tell them, but I was so excited I couldn’t even form the words in my mouth,” said Dhruv Upadhyay, an incoming first-year mechatronics engineering student. 

Waterloo’s Schulich leaders include young men and young women, all pursuing STEM degrees.

“The University of Waterloo is a hub for innovation, entrepreneurship, and action-oriented thinking that pushes the world forward,” said Tyler West, who plans to study mechatronics engineering. “All this combined with the amazing co-op program at the University really made me feel like this is a place that I wanted to be a part of and use as a springboard for my life and career.”

The 2020 Schulich Leaders at Waterloo are:

  • Anish Aggarwal, Computer Science  
  • Christina Hanna, Nanotechnology Engineering
  • Dhruv Upadhyay, Mechatronics Engineering
  • Jacob Mausberg, Computer Science
  • Jason Xiong, Computer Science 
  • Peter Zhu, Software Engineering  
  • Tara Ferguson, Environmental Science 
  • Tyler West, Mechatronics Engineering 
  • Yashvardhan Mulki, Software Engineering

Asked if she is concerned about learning online this fall, Tara Ferguson said she’s prepared to carry over the time management habits that served her so well in high school. 

“To stay focused, I’m planning on removing as many distractions as possible from my desk area, as well as creating and following a schedule similar to what it would be like if I were learning in-person,” said Ferguson. “One thing I’m looking forward to is cooking a good breakfast for myself in the mornings since, in the past years, I haven’t had time due to the long commute from my house to school.” 

The University of Waterloo thanks Seymour Schulich and the Schulich Foundation for their support of these bright young people.

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