Science Memorial Scholarships

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Award description: 

These scholarships honour deceased students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the Faculty of Science. Awards are made, as funds permit, to undergraduate students at any level in the Faculty on the basis of academic achievement. Contributions have been received in memory of: 

 Alfred Babineau                          Donald Maynes
 Peter Blake  Laurie McVicar
 Nancy O. Bray  Wade Mesher
 Stephanie Chisholm-Nelson  Marie C. Michael
 James L. Daniel  Mary R. Mitchell
 Nicola Duthie  E.J. (Ted) Mulrooney
 Anne Fiedtkou  John A. Reeves
 Reginald J. Friesen  Randall E. Soley
 Roman Guzowsky  Robert G. Sommerville
 David Lamb  Michael Souliere
 Steve Llewellyn  Pearl Tchir
 Bruce H. Luneberg  David Turnbull
Value description: 

numerous scholarships of varying amounts are available annually

Year One, Year Two, Year Three, Year Four
Science→Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology/CPA, Biotechnology/Economics, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Materials and Nanosciences, Mathematical Physics, Medicinal Chemistry, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physics and Astronomy, Psychology, Science, Science and Business, Science and Aviation
Canadian citizen/Permanent resident, International/study permit student
Selection process: 
Students considered automatically - no application.
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Please contact the Undergraduate Awards Assistant if you have questions about this award.

Anticipated Aid for your Promissory Note

OSAP, award and scholarship amounts will be posted as Anticipated Aid on your Quest account each term. Amounts will be updated throughout the Promissory Note period.