Welcome to Students of the Water Institute Graduate Section

We'll be having some exciting events coming up this spring term so keep an eye out on our webpage, or follow us on Facebook!

Social events

  • June Blue Drinks (June 26) - Free food, great company, (ice cream?!?), and prizes!
  • Beat the Heat -  Time for some fun in the sun (details TBD)
  • July Blue Drinks (July 24) - Free food, great company, (ice cream?!?), and prizes!

Outreach events/volunteering

  • AquaHacking (June 21) - We need some volunteers to help out! Food, very cool pitches by student groups and more! Contact us for more details.
  • SWIGS is looking to expand our repertoire of outreach activities and we always like input. Send an email to SWIGS or find our Vice Chair Outreach Amy Yang to get involved!
  • We'll be forming the committees for the 2018 World Water Day soon! Stay tuned for more information about the application process!
  1. May 1, 2017New SWIGS Exec

    Thanks for everyone who voted for the 2017-2018 Students of the Water Institute Graduate Section (SWIGS) Executive members! The new SWIGS Exec are:

  2. Nov. 1, 2016SWIGS Execs Meet with Chippewas of the Thames First Nation

    Two of our executives, Allison and Logan, met with the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation today! We are pleased to let you know about some the events and efforts being undertaken by the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation in the next month and beyond.

    Earthstock, Saturday November 5th (2pm to 6pm)

  3. Oct. 27, 2016Python Workshop Cancelled - Want to lead a workshop?

    We have some bad news! Our planned workshop for November on Python is cancelled/postponed due to our facilitator being unable to lead the workshop. However there is potential for an R or GIS workshop, or other topic if someone jumped in last minute to run one. Know something about programming or GIS? Have that lab mate who you always go to for computer questions? Link them to us and we may yet be able to run a workshop in November! 

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  1. June 26, 2017June 2017 Blue DrinksSplash of water.

    Come join us at the Grad House for free food and great company! Word on the street is that there will be ice cream sundaes as well. Who doesn't want a cool treat on a hot summers day?

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  1. Sep. 20, 2016Water in the News Analytics by Igor Markelov

    Ever wondered how water makes its way into the news and social media? Well Igor Markelov was interested, and so he decided to perform some analysis of Twitter data to see how water was tweeted about. This was done for the 'Water in the News' portion of the WATER 601 and 602 courses, where students are asked to read a news article related to water and bring it to class to discuss. Why read one article when you can summarize thousands, right?

  2. Aug. 22, 2016AskProfs Number One - Modelling in Water

    This blog post is article number one in the new AskProfs series being launched by the Students of the Water Institute Graduate Section (SWIGS), where we choose a theme, put together some questions, and see what University of Waterloo (UW) professors, researchers, and postdocs think. For the first one we have chosen modelling in water and posed eight questions to UW faculty. The topic was unilaterally selected by me, but that is the benefit of starting the series off. I promise that future topics will not just be about modelling :) .

  3. July 17, 2016Research in the Real North

    Have you ever thought of visiting the North? Let’s go on a field trip together. First we get on a plane, or two or three; destination: Yellowknife. We’re headed to the true North. It’s spring when we leave Waterloo: no snow on the ground, grass is turning green, and things are starting to come up in the gardens.

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