Marvin Pelletier

Co-Founder, Maawandoon and Carbonix

Co-Founder, Maawandoon and Carbonix

Meet Marvin Pelletier, a proud member of Fort William First Nation and co-founder of Maawandoon Inc. and Carbonix Inc. Marvin's expertise in Indigenous community engagement has made Maawandoon a leading national firm. By drawing on their deep understanding of local governance, community protocols, regulatory frameworks, and legislation affecting Indigenous communities, Marvin and his team guide projects to completion. Their approach is rooted in fostering collaboration and honouring the values and aspirations of the communities they serve.

Marvin and his team at Maawandoon provide Indigenous Engagement and advisory services on various projects, offering regulatory support, policy development, and more. They go beyond project completion by providing additional support services to Indigenous communities, including Mineral Development Negotiations, Business Development, Procurement, and Governance.

Marvin Pelletier's commitment to creating positive change and fostering collaboration drives Maawandoon's success. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, they enable resource projects to thrive in a way that aligns with the needs and aspirations of Indigenous communities.