Romesh and Manju Batra Award for Black and Indigenous Students

Award type: 
Awards for Black students, Awards for Indigenous students
Award description: 

An award, valued at up to $1,200, will be provided annually to a Black or Indigenous undergraduate student enrolled in Year One of any program in the Faculty of Engineering, with preference to students in Mechanical Engineering. For the purpose of this award, an Indigenous person is one who is a citizen or member of a First Nations community (Status/Non-Status), Métis or Inuit. Selection will be based on a combination of academic achievement, the Admission Information Form (AIF), the online video interview, as well as an application statement wherein students are asked to describe the impact this award will have on their pursuit of postsecondary studies. Interested students should submit an online application by April 15. This fund is made possible by a donation from Romesh and Manju Batra as a tribute to Romesh’s parents, Amir Chand and Dewki Bai Batra, who ensured that their two children received a post-secondary education.

Value description: 

up to $1,200

Eligibility & selection criteria: 
  • limited to Black or Indigenous students
  • academic excellence
  • Admission Information Form (AIF)
  • online video interview
  • Selection is based on the application statement who can best demonstrate the impact this award will have on their pursuit of postsecondary studies
Engineering→Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geological Engineering, Management Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Nanotechnology Engineering, Systems Design Engineering; Software Engineering
Canadian/Permanent resident, International student
Application required?: 
Application details:
  • Complete the applicable online entrance award application.
    • Select the correct form, based on your identity:
      • Application for Entrance Awards Designated to Black Students
      • Application for Entrance Awards Designated to Indigenous Students
    • Access the application on our forms web page.
Application deadline: 
April 15
  • Student Awards & Financial Aid