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In the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo, capstone is a two-course sequence representing the Civil & Environmental Engineering Capstone Design Project (CIVE/ENVE/GEOE 400/401 and AE400/425) or the Final Year Design Project (FYDP). Students from civil, environmental, geological and architectural engineering programs form design teams of 4 students per team, identify a unique design project and a technical advisor that they can consult with during their design process.

While research (i.e., discovery of new knowledge) may be an important component of engineering design, research-only projects are not appropriate for Engineering Capstone Design Projects.

To provide students with real-life problems and scenarios, we are looking for engagement from faculty and industry, which adds value to the capstone experience.

Industry engagement can be in the form of proposing project ideas for student teams to work on, and/or volunteering to serve as an industrial technical advisor (1hr/month time commitment for two academic terms). For examples of previous capstone design projects, please refer to the Civil and Environmental Engineering capstone projects (20212022, 2023).

If you are interested in taking part in the capstone experience, please fill out this form to indicate proposed project ideas and advisory preferences. If you wish to discuss your involvement please contact Nadine Ibrahim,

2022 Civil, Environmental & Geological Engineering Capstone Design Symposium

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Would you be interested in providing financial support to the capstone design program (e.g. in the form of student awards for pitch competitions, final symposium presentations, etc.)?