Urban Update Newsletter

Urban Update is a monthly newsletter highlighting key activities of the Turkstra Chair in Urban Engineering.

The newsletter is intended for distribution among colleagues to spark collaboration opportunities, students to create excitement around a multi-disciplinary field that has room for many research interests, and industry partners to encourage opportunities for participation; and for leaders in cities, municipalities and urban regions to offer a gateways for exemplary leadership to our students.

I invite you to follow the exciting activities that are taking place in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and to read the monthly editions of the Urban Update Newsletter which highlights urban projects, engineering education and teaching, feature stories, networking opportunities and upcoming events. I am particularly proud of the faculty contribution to the newsletter which started in May 2019, and the student contribution which was later added in June 2019, and the most recent addition – the Industry Spotlight which will be starting up in November 2019.

If you have suggestions or comments, or are interested to be featured in the newsletter, and/or have an interesting urban project to share, please email Nadine Ibrahim