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How to get the most out of your Water Institute membership

What we can do for you:

Promote your work. Please share your research, speaking engagements, student successes - anything that you think might be of interest with us. Our job is to support and promote your work to an expanded audience, and to build the collective water “brand” at Waterloo. Connect with us or tag us on social media to promote stories, events and celebrate achievements through our various communications channels.

Facilitate collaboration. Want to discuss research ideas or put together teams, but you are unsure of what water expertise exists on campus? Need to better understand user needs, validate research ideas or to solicit letters of support? Let the Water Institute help. We can suggest, and introduce you to, potential collaborators from across campus, and can help you identify and build relationships with external stakeholders, from the public, private or civil sectors.

Support proposal development. If you think that associating with the Water Institute would improve your proposal’s chance of success, we would be pleased to provide relevant text describing benefits of the Water Institute, and how we might specifically support your research. If you need knowledge mobilization expertise to ensure that your research is impactful, we can assist with strategy development and letters of support from collaborators. Need a “second set of eyes” on your proposal? We would be pleased to review your drafts.

Support knowledge mobilization. The Water Institute can provide specialized knowledge mobilization services to support your project.

Deposit your research data. Do you need to deposit your research data to a platform where it can accessed and shared? Do you need a unique DOI for your dataset to get a paper published? The Water Institute can upload and publish your data on our Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) account.

Advertise Job Opportunities. Advertise your internal and external job opportunities on our channels for additional exposure to connect with top-talent.

How you can help:

Stay informed. Access Water Institute news, events and activities by visiting our website and reading our WaterNews newsletter. Follow us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn. View previous WaterTalks by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Promote the Collaborative Water Program to your colleagues and students.

Affiliate. As the Water Institute’s recognition and international ranking increases, benefits to members will accrue. Help us build the institutional profile of water at Waterloo by affiliating with the Institute in your publications as secondary or tertiary affiliation, presentations and signature block. Use the Water Institute logo as widely and as often as appropriate.

Participate. Attend our Water Talks, symposia and conferences and encourage your students to attend our events. Encourage your students to join our graduate students association (SWIGS) and the Collaborative Water Program, and your stakeholders to attend relevant events. Encourage new faculty to join the Water Institute. Suggest potential speakers to us. Pitch new collaborative research ideas.

If you need support with an activity that was not included above, please contact us to see if we can help. In addition, we would be pleased to visit you, your lab or your department/school to discuss how we can help meet your needs and objectives.

The Water Institute is your organization. The Institute’s continued success is based on your engagement and ideas. Thanks to all of you for your continued support of the Water Institute.

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