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There are many programs and specializations to explore. You can choose Co-operative or Regular; Honours Physics, Life Physics, Mathematical Physics, Materials and Nanosciences, or Chemical Physics; as well as the option to specialize in Applied Physics, Astrophysics, Biophysics or Medical Physics.

All of the major programs share a core of physics courses, and diversify based upon this strong foundation in science.

Honours Physics offers the widest range of courses and laboratory components, leading to an enormous breadth of knowledge. This rigorous program is one of the strongest and most innovative in the country.
Learn more about the Honours Physics program.

Physics & Astronomy emphasises the study of astrophysical phenomena such as dark matter, singularities and the origin of the universe. This dual-pronged study approach will allow career paths in both physics and astronomy. Enjoy academic activities such as practical labs, informal seminars, co-op jobs, and research opportunities.
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Mathematical Physics is a course of study intended to develop strong skills focused on the theoretical/mathematical side of physics, making it an excellent choice for equal preparation for theoretical graduate studies and the job market.
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Life Physics provides the opportunity to enjoy both life and physical sciences, leading to a career that integrates biology and physics in great depth.
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Materials and Nanosciences is a program held jointly with the Department of Chemistry. The course progression is chosen to develop fundamental understanding of materials, biomaterials and nanomaterials, leading to careers in areas such as materials, semiconductors, energy storage and production.
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If Physics is not your major area of study, we also offer minors in Physics or Biophysics.
More information about the minors can be found in the undergraduate studies academic calendar.