Minors, options, and specializations

Customize your degree to suit your passions! Here in the Faculty of Science, we encourage you to create a university experience as unique as you are.

Minors available through the Faculty of Science:

What's a minor? It's a group of 8-10 courses in a specific subject or topic that you complete as part of the 40 or so courses you require to fulfill your degree. Adding a minor can provide additional knowledge and skills to your valuable degree.

Options available through the Faculty of Science:


You've decided that pursuing a degree in science makes sense for you - but what if you want something that takes you to the next level in DNA technologies? Our Bioinformatics Option might be what you're looking for. You'll learn how to take vast amounts of scientific and biological data that would take years to sort through manually, and process it in computational terms in just a matter of minutes. Talk to an academic advisor in second year to add this to your degree. This option is open to all Faculty of Science students.


An exciting branch of science that has improved the lives of millions of people, biotechnology, continues to make breakthroughs that will change areas such as medicine, agriculture, and biochemical engineering. Apply to the Biotechnology Technician Diploma program in second year and, through a partnership with Conestoga College, you can earn a Bachelor of Science degree and a Biotechnology Technician diploma - giving you the career advantage you want and the hands-on experience you crave.

What's an option? It's a secondary area of specialization you can complete in addition to your major, and it's a great way to combine your interests in multiple subjects. They normally begin after first year, and usually consist of 8 courses. An option is recognized on your degree.

*The Biotechnology Technician Diploma program is available to students in the Biology and Biomedical Sciences majors only.


Within the Faculty of Science, some of the programs offer specializations that allow you to tailor your degree.

Major Specialization(s) offered
Biochemistry Biotechnology
Chemistry Computational Chemistry
Earth Sciences* Geology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology
Environmental Science* Ecology, Geoscience, Water Science
Science and Business Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology

*Students must select a specialization for the major

Minors available in other faculties

There are more than 50 minors available to Faculty of Science students through other faculties within the University of Waterloo.

Faculty of Health

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Environment

Faculty of Mathematics