Biotechnology Technician Diploma (Conestoga College)

Student looking through microscope, in lab

Add a Conestoga College Diploma to your University of Waterloo degree.

Through our partnership with Conestoga College, the University of Waterloo's Biology and Biomedical Sciences students are able to apply for, and earn, a 1-year Biotechnology Technician diploma at Conestoga College, to be completed during their third year of study.

  • Develop your hands-on lab skills
  • Gain experience in an emerging field
  • Gain connections to the local biotechnology industry
  • Earn credits toward your Waterloo degree
  • Graduate with both a diploma and a degree all in just 4 years!

Interested 2A students wishing to pursue this opportunity must submit an intent to apply form prior to December 5th and be enrolled in BIOL 241 (Introduction to Applied Microbiology) in their 2B term.

For more information, talk to the biotechnology pathway academic advisor, Dr. Vivian Dayeh (

Admission and Progression Requirements

Biology and Biomedical Sciences Progression Charts (PDF)

  1. Waterloo students would enroll in the Honours BSc degree program in Regular or Co-op Biology or Biomedical Sciences.
  2. Admission to the Conestoga 1-year program requires the student be in satisfactory standing in their program (60% for Honours Biology; 65% for Honours Biomedical Sciences). Students must also have no fails or incompletes in any courses in order to be admitted to the Conestoga program. Admission is competitive. A minimum average does not guarantee admission to the Conestoga program.
  3. Students must take BIOL 241 (Introduction to Applied Microbiology) in their 2B term before beginning their studies at Conestoga.
  4. Waterloo Regular and Co-op students would transfer to Conestoga College in their third year. The application for admission to the diploma program should be made during the second year (details above). Students will begin studies during the start of Conestoga’s academic year in the fall term and complete the one-year Biotechnology Technician diploma.
  5. After completing the diploma program successfully, the student would then return to Waterloo. Should the student not achieve the Conestoga diploma, transfer credits will be considered on an individual basis for courses with a minimum grade of 75%.
  6. The degree and diploma will both be given to the student upon completion of courses at the Univeristy of Waterloo. All requirements of both the student’s Waterloo program and the Conestoga diploma must be completed before either will be conferred.

Typical Biology Co-op Sequence

UW= University of Waterloo; CC= Conestoga College;
Academic Year 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5
Term F W S F W S F W S F W S F W S
Location UW UW Off UW Co-op UW CC CC Co-op UW Co-op Co-op UW UW Off

Typical Biology and Biomedical Sciences Regular Sequence

UW= University of Waterloo; CC= Conestoga College
Academic Year 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4
Term F W S F W S F W S F W S
Location UW UW Off UW UW Off CC CC UW UW UW Off