Biological and Medical Physics

The study of physics with respect to health-related disciplines.

Biological and Medical Physics used to be called Life Physics in earlier years.

Student using finger sensor in lab

As an experiment in your labs, you'll learn about how data, transmitted from the sensor on a patient's fingertip, is used to evaluate the instantaneous heart rate. You'll evaluate and plot the data to see how it varies with time and physical activity.

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Harness the power of physics and apply it to biological systems. Be prepared for entering health-related professional schools, like medical school, by combining your passion for physics with the renowned world
of life sciences. Discover the latest in biophysics and medical physics by taking courses related to these fascinating subjects.

By accessing our state-of-the-art labs and applying your knowledge through experiential learning, you’ll be prepared to work in the fast-evolving and interdisciplinary fields of health technology, like radiation oncology and medical imaging.                                                                                                           

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*Biological and Medical Physics used to be called Life Physics in earlier years.

This major is available in the co-op and regular stream of study


Medical Physics

Prepare for a career in medical physics, working in areas such as cancer diagnosis and treatment, or in diagnostic imaging.


Learn about cellular and organ biophysics, as well as biophotonics and imaging. Graduate with a strong foundation in subjects such as quantum physics and molecular biology.

Bioinformatics Option

IT'S ALL IN THE CODE! You've decided that pursuing a degree in science makes sense for you - but what if you want something that takes you to the next level in DNA technologies? Our Bioinformatics Option might be what you're looking for. You'll learn how to take vast amounts of scientific and biological data that would take years to sort through manually, and process it in computational terms in just a matter of minutes. Talk to an academic advisor in second year to add this to your degree. This option is open to all Faculty of Science students.

  • Quantitative and analytical thinking in biology and health-related professions
  • Statistical and analytical problem solving in life sciences
  • Modeling clincal procedures with scientific methods
  • Integrated laboratory methodologies in biology, chemistry, and physics
  • Technical skills to implement experiments in life and medical physics

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  • Imaging effects of malaria in the eye
  • Polarization imaging in Alzheimer's disease
  • Imaging of the human eye for treating potential blindness
  • Properties of amyloid beta
  • Chromosome biophysics

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