Openness and transparency are hallmarks of successful universities.

As a publicly-supported institution, the University of Waterloo is firmly committed to accountability and transparency. Accountability is imbued throughout our university and occurs at operational and strategic levels.

Waterloo produces a series of accountability reports that are updated annually:

  • Performance Indicators include 30 institutional performance measures that provide a high-level understanding of University activity.
  • Strategic Mandate Agreement is an agreement between the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and the University of Waterloo which outlines the government’s accountability framework for the post-secondary education system and provides an understanding of how Waterloo’s mission and strategic goals support priority areas for the government. Strategic Mandate Agreement University of Waterloo Report Back captures a series of annually updated indicators that reflect this agreement.
  • Strategic Plan and Strategic Plan Action and Progress page map Waterloo’s strategic direction and progress towards achieving its goals and objectives.
  • Audited Financial Statements provide information about Waterloo’s financial situation, as presented to Waterloo’s governance committees. 
  • Salary disclosure information offers Waterloo’s salary disclosure in accordance with provincial legislation.

An annual publication: Global Futures, highlights examples of how University students, researchers and alumni are making a tangible global impact today, while addressing and shaping the changing realities of our future.

Information and Privacy outlines our respect and commitment to handling institutional information in accordance with the legislation and obligations as a publicly-funded institution.

Being open and accountable in setting goals and measuring accomplishments will remain top priorities as Waterloo earns its place as one of the world’s most recognized and respected universities.

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