Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The Ministry of Colleges, and Universities (MCU) requires that institutions publish graduation rates, employment rates, and Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) default rates. Data for all Ontario universities is provided on the MCU website.

Graduation and OSAP default rates have been calculated by the MCU.

All university programs are mapped into program categories established for the system as a whole. This table provides links to show uWaterloo programs included in each program category.

Quick Facts


  • FTE (Full-time equivalent) Enrolment (2019/20): 36,633

  • International Mix (2019/20):

    • Graduate: 40%

    • Undergraduate: 22%

  • Degrees Granted (2019): 8,691

Co-operative Education

  • Co-op work terms (2019/20): 22,443

Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty Members (2019 preliminary): 1,350
  • Number of Staff (2019): 2,596


  • Tri-Agency Research Awards (2019/20): $99.5M
  • Total Sponsored Research Awards (2019/20): $247.7M


  • $46.0M raised (2019/20)

Source: Performance Indicators

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