Bibliometrics is a tool that can be used to understand elements of research productivity and impact.

Bibliometric measures typically include the number of academic publications, citations of a single researcher, a group of researchers or an institution. Bibliometrics should be considered with other tools and processes for a complete picture of research output and productivity.

Key University stakeholders including the Library, Office of Research, Institutional Analysis and Planning (IAP), interested researchers and Faculty representatives participate in a Bibliometrics Working Group (BWG), initiated in 2012 by the Provost.

IAP facilitates and participates in discussions across campus to promote a better institutional understanding of the use and best practices for bibliometrics, as well as other measures of research.

Advisory Group Members:

  • Associate Provost, Institutional Data, Analysis and Planning: Allan Starr
  • University Librarian: Beth Namachchivay
  • Vice President, Research: Charmaine Dean

Working Group Members:

  • Chair: Bruce Muirhead
  • Office of Research: John Thompson, Brenda MacDonald, Swati Bodalia
  • Institutional Analysis & Planning: Daniela Seskar-Hencic, Jana Carson, Kerry Tolson
  • Library: Alison Hitchens, Jeffrey Dumaine, Shannon Gordon (on leave to July 2018)
  • AHS: Brian Laird
  • Arts: Angela Roorda
  • Science: Bernie Duncker, Peter Stirling, Sushanta Mitra
  • Math: Raouf Bouataba, Martha Foulds
  • Engineering: Anwar Hasan, Jon Walgate
  • Environment: Maren Oelberman, John McLevey

The Working Group on Bibliometrics has developed a white paper outlining recommended practices for using bibliometrics to assess research output. The final paper based on campus wide consultations is available here: white paper.

Key Contacts:

Working Group on Bibliometrics:

Bibliometrics & Research Impact Librarian:

Institutional Analysis and Planning:

Office of Research: Brenda MacDonald:

Quick Facts


  • FTE (Full-time equivalent) Enrolment (2016/17): 34,325

  • International Mix (2016/17):

    • Graduate: 39%

    • Undergraduate: 18%

  • Degrees Granted (2016): 7,679

Co-operative Education

  • Co-op work terms (2016/17): 19,188

Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty Members (2016): 1,233
  • Number of Staff (2016): 2,377


  • Tri-Agency Research Awards (2016/17): $52.8M


  • $49.4M raised (2016/17)

Source: Performance Indicators

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