Data Analytics and Reporting

The Data Analytics and Reporting team develops accurate institutional data to inform internal and external policy development, develop models for strategic enrolment planning and analysis, as well as inform institutional strategic planning.

The following items fall into the portfolio of the Data Analytics and Reporting team:

  1. Institutional data and definitions
  2. Common data for sharing and exchange
  3. Government grant claim
  4. Enrolment planning and analysis
  5. Retention modeling
  6. Institutional space and analysis

For more information, please contact Lannois Carroll-Woolery, Manager, Data Analytics and Reporting.

The Data Analytics and Reporting team uses information about government policies, faculty data, institutional data, space data and enrolment data. The team uses those to conduct analysis for stakeholders such as MTCU, waterloo leadership, support units, members organization, public and federated universities and affliated colleges